Pracownia Projektowania Ubioru 3

Prowadząca: Manon Kundig


In the 3rd year of BA Fashion Design at Katedra Mody, the students will be introduced
to the development of their first full collection. The curriculum is curated around the
understanding of the crucial link between our past and our future and it incorporates the
development of a zero-waste contemporary translation of a historical costume. The
theoretical and technical knowledge acquired during this process lays the foundation for
their own collection, which is seamlessly merged together with a personal concept.
Crucial to your education as a designer, you will acquire a great understanding of the
importance of design with an emphasis on drawing. The exploration of sensory
deprivation in the design process is utilised to nurture self-expression without
subconscious restrictions. What happens when we are void of all our senses and we
only rely on the creativity found in our mind?
Through the exploration of a vast variety of mediums, from experimental drawings to
draping exercises and collages, your first full collection will take form through an intuitive
development. Each silhouette is translated into form through a meticulous combination
of pattern making, technical construction and intricate craftsmanship. Attention is given
to proportions, layering and, most crucially, coherency. A collection is not a combination
of silhouettes, it is one combined work and we put great importance to the
understanding of that principle.


After the 3rd year is completed, our students are prepared to take on the biggest task in
their education, the completion of a full-sized collection of a total of eight silhouettes. At
this point in their studies, we expect our students to be able to work independently while
their selected tutor guides them towards their finalised work. During their last year at
Katedra Mody, the students get to exercise all the skills they have learned throughout
their studies, resulting in a highly professional fashion collection deeply rooted in their
own DNA as a designer. We want all our students to graduate with a distinct style and
we nurture experimentation on a high level, while producing works that correspond to
the contemporary fashion of our time. Their final work is presented before an external
jury of industry professionals at the end of the year and we do our utmost to prepare our
students for the real world when they finish their education at Katedra Mody.