Pracownia Projektowania Ubioru 2

mgr Martina Spetlova

Studio’s Program 2nd Year:
BA Fashion offers highly motivated students a nurturing environment which champions originality and innovation. The 2nd Year curriculum will enable you to meet differing design challenges and focuses on active project-based learning. You will be encouraged to develop your own design vision within the context of contemporary fashion with a focus to deconstruction, tailoring and sustainability.
Emphasis is placed on professionalism, innovation and creativity. You will be introduced to various design skills which will inform and support your creativity, gain priceless knowledge on the subject of sustainability and become part of the modern global voice for future fashion solutions.
The skills learned will include research methods; modelling on the stand; garment construction; tailoring processes and finishings; technical specification drawing; illustration; and presentation skills. Your knowledge will be enhanced through targeted projects and the guidance of lecturers who are specialists in the market.

Studios Program: 4th Graduate Year:
4th Year gives you the opportunity to manage your own learning. You will begin to define your individual creative identity as a designer. By the end of the first semester, you will have completed the initial research and design phase of your degree collection. You will also work further on your portfolio to achieve a professional standard. Your written work on the collection extends your research, analytical and communication skills. You will focus on a selected aspect of visual, textual, material, social, media or spatial culture. In the final unit of the course, you will complete and present your degree collection and portfolio work.